Supporting Seattle Area Nonprofits

Redeeming Soles provides footwear & footcare to some of the most effective nonprofits in the greater Seattle Area. The nonprofits we work with are experts at having their shoes do the most good for their clients.

Some examples of the type of organizations we distribute to;

  • Long term housing
  • Homeless shelters
  • Schools Athletic Programs
  • Outreach teams
  • Foster parent programs

Community Outreach

In 2004 the first project homeless connect event was coordinated in San Francisco. This model is unique in that it brings all the resources a homeless individual needs under one roof. It is a life-changing event for many of the participants. The movement has spread and some of these events are huge in scale, bringing together over 100 different service providers to help serve those in greatest need. Redeeming Soles works to provide shoes for several of the largest events in the Seattle area.

Some examples are;

  • Centurylink Field Community Resource Exchange has over 1000 participants
  • Project Homeless Connect Everett serves nearly 800 families with
    children of all ages
  • Youth Community Resource Exchange provides resources exclusively for
    homeless youth

Heart and Sole shoe clinics

New in 2017! Redeeming Soles has partnered with participants in Seattle University’s Executive MBA program as well as the students in Nursing programs from SU, UW & SPU to make a difference for those dealing with foot related health problems. In these clinics each individual is provided with proper footcare from medical professionals, and proper footwear for work and/or day to day life. The clinics have been a huge success so far and we can’t wait to continue to grow our sole impact!

No Kids Left on the Sidelines

It is our belief at Redeeming Soles that no child should ever be prevented from participating in day to day activities due to a lack of proper footwear. However, it happens ALL THE TIME. No Kids Left on the Sidelines is a program designed to help provide a firm foundation for at risk youth to stand on by providing shoes and athletic gear to any child in need.

This program is meant to be systematic, and integrated with schools, helping teachers, school staff and coaches identify and fulfill basic needs for their students. (similar to the student lunch program). It is our hope that ANY child who qualifies for any kind of state assistance, will then qualify for proper footwear so that they can walk with purpose and participate in any extracurricular activities they desire.

After school programs are a vital piece of a child’s life these days, it is a place where they can be loved and led well, as well as providing a healthy outlet for whatever they are dealing with outside of school grounds. Redeeming Soles will be rolling out our initial school district model this summer (2017)